The best real estate agents I have ever met

 shopped for a weekend home for over a year. I worked with 4 different agents in 5 different counties to find my dream home. I was shopping for a second home and so what I needed in a house was slightly different than a full-time residence. 

Neil really seemed to understand what I was looking for right off the bat. I found a house I really wanted on Zillow, it was rough, but as a first time home buyer, I had no idea how bad of shape it was really in.   Neil really tried as nicely as he could to tell me that I really didn’t want that house. He explained the potential headaches that come with buying an old farmhouse and actually had his contractor go take a look for a second opinion (before I made an offer). The contractor confirmed what Neil had guessed, the house was a rotten mess: I was so grateful he saved me a multi-year headache!

After we decided this wasn’t the house, Neil suggests I move my search from Dutchess county to Litchfield. I was skeptical as I had always imagined my home being in upstate New York. I told him I didn’t know anything about Litchfield county but was open to looking. The next week he spent an entire day driving my friend and me to all the cool towns in the area: Lakeville, Sharon, Salisbury, Cornwall, and Canaan. He explained the pros and cons of each city and showed me the best places to eat, shop, and get building supplies. During the day he showed me 5 houses, all viable options! Most realtors I had to twist their arm to see one home! 

I got such a good energy form Neil and his wife Ann that I decided on a 3bed 1.5 bath home in Canaan, CT. After making an offer and negotiating a killer price on my dream home, he referred me to a great attorney and home inspector. I remember I had a super busy work week when it came time and Ann actually called booked the home inspection on my behalf, so helpful!

Pretty much was the best realtor I could imagine. His personality and dad jokes would make him a great HGTV host for a show about shopping for homes. We texted almost every day, I was blown away by how many steps are involved with buying a house. 

On the move-in day, he helped me unload my car and brought 2 air conditioner window units for me to use (was peak July heat)! He invited me to his home in Sharon and showed me the barn he was working on, he introduced me to his contractor who was also a great guy. The next day he sent a follow-up text to see if I had burned down the house yet, lol.

Overall I highly recommend Neil and his wife, Ann. Like I said I worked with 4 different realtors that were all varied shades of frustrating. Neil is the super cool upstate dad that I never knew I wanted.  If you are trying to buy a house and don’t know where to begin, Neil is a great start. Thanks so much, Neil, for looking out for me.