Personal service

When I wanted to buy a house, Ann Stettner Charles offered great service; starting by suggesting a town which was different than the one I initially considered. She also showed me another town friends recommended which she didn’t think I’d like and for good reason. When we were seriously looking, she showed me lots of rentals, which I wanted to see, but then helped me buy a home when that seemed the more prudent decision. She picked me up at the train station when needed and took me back, showed me all the stores in my future ‘hood to get a feeling for the community, suggested how to settle in by meeting certain shopkeepers she knew, and offering ideas on temples and more. She pointed up pluses and minuses of various homes, talked about taxes, what to do first in the house and even helped with a contractor whom I used for a while. She is diligent and enthusiastic and doesn’t sugar-coat stuff as some Realtors(R) do. We are relatives but she was always professional and treated me as she would a nonrelative when needed. But we also had fun in this adventure, and I’ve come to love my town, thanks to her help!