Personal Experience in dealing with Neil Charles Real Estate.

If you are in the market for purchasing a home in upstate New York, as my wife and I are, I would personally recommend Mr. Neil Charles as unequivocally a rather sizable cut above the other brokers in the area with whom we have worked. From our very first interactions, it was obvious not only that Mr. Charles brought to bear a wealth of information about the area, including the various townships and neighborhoods, as well as a willingness to go the extra mile in his endeavor to find us exactly what we were looking for, but even more importantly, his unimpeachable integrity, honesty, and professionalism put us at ease in what can be an extremely stressful process; it is in this respect that he set himself apart from other real estate professionals with whom we had experience. At no point in the process have we ever felt that Mr. Charles was acting on nobody’s behalf but ours. He never once tried to force or persuade us to choose a particular house that did not meet all of our expectations. Instead, he has patiently listened to our concerns and needs and has acted upon them to the best of his extremely capable abilities. For my wife and I in particular, this process has been emotional and difficult in that we have been city-dwellers for many years and this is a rather large change for us. Mr. Charles has tried to make this process as comfortable as possible and has assured us that, no matter how long it takes, we will keep working at it until we find a residence that we are completely comfortable with; no other broker gave us such assurances, and even if they had, I am not sure my wife and I would have believed them. But Mr. Charles has proven with his actions, not just his words, that he stands behind his considerable reputation every step of the way. When questions arose about particular properties that we were interested in, Mr. Charles gave us a clear, honest opinion on what we might be faced with down the line if we made the purchase. That kind of help is invaluable to people who are depending on their broker to play a crucial role in helping them choose a long-term residence. We feel very fortunate indeed to be working with Mr. Charles.