Honesty and Integrity are Hard to Find

I had given up hope of finding someone who could help me sell my home and find a new one. It was time to downsize. Other brokers had told me they could get a lot of money for my home, numbers that seemed unrealistic to me at the time, but I went for it because I hoped maybe it was true. It was not a realistic price and the house did not sell. One day, someone recommended Neil Charles Real Estate to me. I was hesitant as I had lost all trust in Real Estate Brokers, but I called. From the first time I called and spoke to a very nice woman who answered the phone, I had good experience. I left my name and number and within an hour, I had a call back. To make a long story, short, I met with Neil and his wife, Ann, and liked them immediately. They were sophisticated, but very humble, and were completely honest and direct. Working with them was a game-changer for me. They priced my house at a decent price, but one that made sense. They helped me with everything I needed, going way above and beyond what any broker did before. It taught me a very important lesson – going with a smaller firm gets you much more support and attention. I also learned that all the brokers access the same listings, so going with a big firm really means nothing. So I would recommend Neil Charles Real Estate above any other firm I have dealt with! Thank you Neil, Ann and your team!