Great Real Estate Brokerage Firm That Knows Their Stuff

When I was looking for someone to sell my house and then help me find another, a friend recommended Neil Charles Real Estate. I interviewed them along with two other firms, and their professionalism, knowledge of the market and unbelievable follow up, made my choice very easy. They were very personable, not slick, sophisticated and down to earth. I never met anyone who worked so hard to help me sell my house. Neil Charles rolled up his sleeves, doing things brokers would never do to try and get a house sold. He even managed contractors in my absence to make the house more salable. He successfully sold my house. I honestly don’t think anyone else would have sold it for as high a price because no other broker that I know, would have done so much to make it happen. When it came to buying house, he really helped guide me so that I could make an informed decision. He helped me understand where the local market was and where he thought it was headed. We found a great house and he was able to negotiate excellent terms for me. He is really one of a kind and I can’t say enough about Neil or his staff. Thank you.